Hi!  I’m Mark Hennick.  Welcome to The Hennick Homestead

Not a lot to look at right now, but then that is the point I guess

For the past 5 years Nathan and I have been living on 2 acres in Folsom Louisiana.  We have always been very environmentally conscious; we recycle, we try to produce as little waste as possible, we grow or make as much of our own food as possible, and generally try to live a healthy life while caring for our environment.  We are vegetarian (mostly vegan), meaning we try to live as cruelty free as we can.

About 2 1/2 years ago a friend of ours was planning to retire.  It was an exciting time for her.  She and I had many discussions about her upcoming retirement and how she and her husband had planned, invested, and saved to make sure they could maintain a certain lifestyle.  Around that same time my husband, Nathan, and I were discussing our current home and how much unused space we seemed to have, how much of the actual square footage of the house we actually ‘lived in’, and how much stuff we had packed away in the extra bedrooms of the house.  We had recently become enamored with the tiny house shows and enjoyed watching them regularly.   Between our friends retirement, our fascination with tiny houses, our realization that we don’t need a home as large as the one we currently live in, our realization that there are other ways to retire and be completely happy, and our desire to live even more eco-friendly, sustainable, and minimal; a new and exciting journey began.

In 2005, several years before Nathan and I met, we both lived in South Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, I in Chalmette and Nathan in Slidell.  Both of us experienced massive flooding and the loss of all of our belongings, our homes, and I lost mAddress_Signy business.  This experience seemed to have given both us a new sense of material belongings and prepared us well for making the decision to live a tiny and materially minimal lifestyle.

Two years ago we purchased our new homestead, 9 acres in Angie Louisiana.  Because of very wet weather conditions and other timing factors it has taken us two years to get started on our homestead ‘The Hennick Homestead’.  Now the time has come to move forward with our journey and we couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, unlike the original homesteaders who were able to choose a piece of land, build and improve the land to their liking, and call it home; we do have to abide by the Parish laws and requirements so our homestead will be a little more modern than those of the olden days, but we are building it completely off-grid using solar power and intend to life a much more simple life.

Again, Welcome to The Hennick Homestead!

May Harmony Find You,



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