The Excitement is Mounting!


The Hennick Homestead is coming right along!  Amazing progress has been made in the past 2 months and we are almost ready to move in.  This post is going to be picture heavy with explanations of what you are seeing.  I certainly hope to update this blog more often now that progress is being made so quickly.

Above you can see that the house itself, with both the front and back porches is done. (this is a back view).  The carport is done and the new Solar Shed is complete.

Above you can see, we had the entire house insulated with spray foam insulation.  Closed cell underneath the house and open cell in the house itself.  Sheetrock has been completed.  All interior electrical wiring as been completed and we are ready to paint.

The ceilings are being done with tongue and grove pine.  Both the kitchen ceiling and the main ceiling are both complete.


Custom kitchen cabinets have been built and we are getting ready to put on the gorgeous butcher block countertops to get ready for appliance installation.


Other than sheetrock, this wall is covered in beautiful rough, multi-colored wooden boards.  This is the wall that the TV will be mounted on.  There will be a custom built barn door leading into the bathroom.

Solar power is being installed!  We have dual MagnaSine inverters & charge controllers, 4 – 8 panel solar arrays, and 16 batteries.  We should have this part finished and will be producing our own clean electricity by this coming Friday!  Because of the gambrel roof we have enough room on the main house to add 18 – 20 more panels if needed.

As soon as that is finished, the AC unit installation will be completed, the floors will be installed, the wood stove will be installed, the bathroom and plumbing will be completed, and we can put the finishing touches on everything and MOVE IN!



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    1. Land and all we will have about $70,000 in it. It has been a 3 year long process from the time we bought the land.

  1. Love the pictures and information. My husband and I are planning on living off grid as well. I appreciate learning from others. Good luck to you both. Looks great so far.😊

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