Dried-in, Roughed-in, and Grateful


It has been some time since my last post to update everyone on the progress of The Hennick Homestead.  The reason for that is that progress seemed to slow down a little, but then it has picked back up and we are moving forward pretty quickly.

As you can see we are finally dried in!  The house wrap is done and roof is on!  You can see we chose a copper colored tin roof.  We love the sound of rain on a tin roof and the copper color roof look amazing.  All of the windows are in place and the french doors are installed for the back entrance.  We have the front door, but it isn’t installed just yet.  You will also notice that the porch roof and the carport roof are also complete.  This gives us a little more shade to work in when it is 100 degrees and 90% humidity in South Louisiana.

Friends! Our first guests!

Recently, one of the highlights of our time working on the homestead thus far was a visit and some help from some of our friends.  We loved having Jeannette Beard, one of my favorite people, visit and see the progress in person.  Nathan and I can’t wait to get moved in and have her come back and see the finished product.  Rey Telleria and Enrique Moresco also took time out of their days to come out, visit, and work hard to help us move this project forward.  Rey is a long time friend who happens to be an electrician and Enrique has been my friend, mentor, and so much more so almost 20 years.  These two men came to our homestead and worked in the sweltering heat to help us get the electrical rough-in done.  Nathan and I are so grateful to have people like this in our lives who are willing to come out and help us accomplish our dreams.

Rey and Enrique worked tirelessly to get the electrical wiring done (I helped a little).  After two days of planning, discussion, and pulling wires we are about 90% wired.  There are still some wires to run and the main breaker box has to be mounted and readied for inspection.

I want to talk for just a minute about this man, Alex Dauterive.  This man is THE REASON we are so close to realizing our dream on our new homestead.  Alex is our contractor.  He has been a part of this project from the beginning and has truly worked tirelessly to help us get this done.  ALL of the construction progress you have seen on the project is ALL ALEX and MOST of it he has accomplished BY HIMSELF!  Since the roof is on the house and carport, you can see him above drilling the holes for corner posts for the solar power storage shed.  We are almost ready to place the solar panels and get some green energy flowing on The Hennick Homestead.  We always try to tell Alex how absolutely GRATEFUL we are for everything he does, and I certainly hope he knows.  Aside from gratitude, we are also simply AMAZED at what this man accomplishes with little to no help and at the workmanship and effort he puts into everything he has done for us.  He is always willing to listen to our crazy ideas for something different or new even when he is in the middle of building, but always offers insight and advice showing that he is obviously looking out for our best interests.

So, as you can see, everything is coming along nicely.  We are currently in search of a plumber to come out and do the plumbing rough-ins.  Once that is complete we can get our second of three inspections.  Once inspected, we will be adding our spray foam insulation and starting work on the inside.  In the meantime, Alex will be adding the porches and solar shed and we will be getting the septic system installed so we can move get this project to a point we can move in!

Keep checking back, there will be more progress soon and I can’t wait to share it!


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