Rafters and Wrap


Nathan and I have been going out to the homestead to help the progress along every weekend.  We are both so surprised and extremely excited to see the progress happening so quickly.  You can see, in the picture above, we actually have the rafters up.

The “barn-style” gambrel roof we chose for our Tiny House gives lots more room in the loft areas.  One of my prerequisites for the lofts was that I, being 6′ 1″, would not be crawling to bed every night.  Though I will have to duck slightly when I climb the lapeyre stairs, I can actually stand fully in the lofts and move around.  You will also notice that the poles and other supports have been set for the roof of both the front and back porches which will span the entire length of the house.  We plan to eventually wrap the porch all the way around.

Just in case you don’t know what a lapeyre stair is, I certainly didn’t, it is pictured above.  You can see that they are offset, but still allow a natural climbing gate.  The lapeyre stair allows the steps to be at a much steeper angle without the need for extremely high individual steps.  While Nathan and I do come up with some grand ideas, the lapeyre stair idea is credited solely to our builder.


Today, Nathan and I were onsite (during the 100 degree heat with a heat advisory) to help wrap the house with moisture barrier.  As you can see above we were able to get the bottom floor wrapped, with the exception of the small strip at the bottom which our builder will finish.  The builder will now complete the build-out of the walls on the top, followed by sheeting, and then we wrap the top too.  The tin roof will follow.  Of course, we will continue to go out and help whenever we have time free.

~ Happy Homesteading



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