Moving Along….The Progress Continues


The Hennick Homestead is becoming more and more of a reality every day!  Nathan and I took a few days off work this week to go out and work with our friend and contractor to help the progress along.  Suffice it to say, Nathan and I AREN’T accustomed to working long hours in the Louisiana heat!  Working in a sauna aside, we both had a great time and took extreme pleasure in working on our own home and toward a finished Tiny House.

Take a look at the pictures above, this is absolute PROOF that Nathan and I were working on our own home.  The part you don’t see is the sweat and gallons of water we needed to consume to keep from passing out.

The first floor is framed, inside and out.  The sub-floor is down in the lofts.  During the week we were able to help get the sheeting done on the bottom floor and get the side outer walls of the 2nd floor framed.

The large open space in the 2nd floor framing will eventually be an opening from both sides of each loft for hidden storage.  You can see Nathan helping put the header in so it can be and open space when finished.


In the picture above you can see the structure for carport.  It is large enough to hold three cars if necessary.  On the other side (the South side) is where the majority of the solar panels will be mounted.  Just to the left of the carport will be a small shed that will house the solar power system components and support the remaining panels.

You may have also noticed that Nathan always seems to be working on the 2nd floor.  That is because I DON’T DO HEIGHTS!  I just don’t like high open places.  Somebody has to go help with that, so Nathan got the short straw (by design).



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