Winter Wonderland


Okay, I know ALL of our friends and family who live up North are going to laugh and scoff at us, but it is a Winter Wonderland at The Hennick Homestead this morning.  For South Louisiana, this is no joke.  These pictures are from our current home in Folsom Louisiana.  The new Hennick Homestead is a little further north in Angie Louisiana.  Of course, work is halted at the moment while everyone enjoys the snow.


Everyone who lives in climates that get “real snow” know much more about navigating this beautiful scenery.  However, here in South Louisiana it is a slightly more difficult problem.  Our infrastructure isn’t built for snow and ice and frankly we don’t really know how to drive in snow and ice.  Nathan and I made the decision to stay home from work today because we live just over 50 miles from work and must cross a couple of bridges to get to the office, include the Causeway bridge which is slightly over 23 miles long.

Of course, staying home from work is a perk in this case.  In New Orleans, where our office is located, it is just cold and raining.  We get the good fortune to stay home with a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the beautiful scene the snow is making all around.  Plus, some of our family decided to come visit to let the kids play in the snow.

The big kids made a couple of snow angels too!


And don’t think for a minute the piggies didn’t get in on the fun!  Though, they didn’t like at all!


All-in-all, and excellently gorgeous day for the Hennick Homestead!  In fact, the biggest question of the day was marshmallows or no marshmallows in the vegan hot chocolate.





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