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Many times, either via Twitter or Facebook you will notice that I post inspirational and uplifting posts about Gratitude among other positively charged thoughts or comments.  Of course, I post these inspirational things for those who follow me on social media, but I post them even more as reminders for myself.  You see, though I have built my adult life around a very Spiritual core that has its foundation in Gratitude & Love, when life gets in the way of living; I need constant reminders to go back to my foundation and view situations from the Gratitude & Love perspective.  This isn’t always easy, but it IS always effective and successful.  I think Nathan might agree that I need to go back to my foundation more often than I do though (LOL).

So, what does all of this feel good stuff have to do with off-grid homesteading and trying to live a cruelty-free life?  That is very easy.  Gratitude and Love are the two foundational beliefs that got us where we are today and prompted our move toward more sustainable living.Gratitude and Love

As Nathan and I practice active Gratitude we literally count those things in our life that we have to be grateful for.  Of course, one of the things I always list in my Gratitude Journal is The Earth.  I am absolutely grateful to be alive and live on this beautiful planet that sustains life as we know it.  Every time I look around I am reminded of the intricate connections we all have with the Earth we live on and how it provides everything we need, including beauty.  From these feelings of Gratitude for our Earth spring the internal need to protect, love, and revitalize her; to protect, love, and revitalize her eco-systems and the plants and animals that thrive within them. This, in part, is what led Nathan and I become vegetarians, move toward being vegan, work toward living a cruelty-free life, and start our journey of off-grid homesteading and sustainable living.  As I have mentioned in other posts, this is a journey and we are grateful for the inspiration and motivation to continue on this journey.

Ultimately, the point I want to get across is that The Hennick Homestead is founded on and being built upon the ideals of Gratitude & Love.  As I sit here today contemplating Gratitude & Love while I write this post, I can’t help but make a mental list of the things in life I have to be grateful for.  First and foremost on my list is my husband Nathan, the love we share, and the common interest for sustainable cruelty-free living we share.  Of course, I am grateful for my health and the skills and ability to navigate this homesteading journey of ours.  Finally today, I am grateful for YOU, all of those who are reading this, those who follow us on our blog, Twitter, or Facebook and help us stay motivated and spread our enthusiasm for sustainable cruelty-free living; I am grateful for you!


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