The Fun Begins


Modern day homesteading is a little different that it was 100 or so years ago.  In today’s world, in most cases, you have to purchase the property and then follow specific guidelines set forth by the Parish (the County for those outside Louisiana), especially if you want it to be legal so you don’t have to worry about issues in the future.

That being said, it has been a very busy time around the Hennick Household trying to Permit_1navigate the holiday season and get everything ready to start building our new home on the homestead.  Nathan and I did the initial designs for the house and then sent them to Clarke’s Design Service in Slidell to have them officially drawn for permitting purposes.  Drake Clarke did an excellent job on the plans and had them done quickly.  Alex Dautrive, our contractor, drew the plans for the carport to help us save a little money.

As you may or may not know, the well is in place on the property and we have completed our PERC test for septic.  With all of this completed and with Drake Clarke’s and Alex Dautrive’s plans we were able to work with the Washington Parish Building & Permits department to get our official building permits.  With the permit in hand, we are ready to begin building!

We wanted to take the opportunity at the beginning of the build to make sure we had enough of the property cleared and ready for us to use when the time comes.  We called on Applewhite Enterprises to help us with the clearing.  Applewhite brought their mulcher out to the homestead and cleared a lot of land for us.  The mulcher does an excellent job and doesn’t remove the topsoil, in fact, it creates a nice layer of wood chips on the ground which is great for the soil.


While the mulching was getting done Alex and Richard got started on the build.  When they arrived I had just finished giving Applewhite some direction for mulching and it was time to unload some building materials and get started.  Granted, Alex and Richard are the professionals here but I was eager to help out.  I helped unload the materials and then spent the better part of the day on the business end of a shovel digging holes for the footers.  Of course, Alex and Richard far surpassed me and it is obvious that I don’t get near enough exercise (though off-grid homesteading is proving to be a really good workout for me).  Nathan and I plan to go out this weekend and do some clean up to help out the process.  We want to help out and be as involved as possible with the build out of our new tiny home; alas we do have to work and can only help on the weekend and when we have time available to take off work.  At this point, excitement doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel.


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