Gotta Have Storage


Gotta Have Storage seems to be a mantra when talking about living in a Tiny House.  Well, the same holds true when building one too.  With things at the new homestead moving along faster since just before Thanksgiving we thought it would be a good idea to have some storage onsite.  In fact, I will be posting some exciting updates this week because we actually start construction on the house tomorrow.

After discussing storage options, Nathan and I decided to have our existing storage shed moved to the new homestead.  About 5 years ago we purchased this very nice storage shed from Johnson Portable Buildings in Covington Louisiana.  In keeping with our attempts to reuse, recycle, and restore as much as possible and as much as allowable by building codes, we contacted Mr. Johnson to find out if they could move the shed.  Of course, he said they could move the shed with no problems.  It was fascinating to watch them simply pull a fully constructed building onto a trailer and drive away with it.  This option saved us quite a bit of money as opposed to having to purchase a new shed or the materials to build a new one.

Now that the shed is in place at the new Hennick Homestead we can keep some essentials onsite during the construction process.  This also give us a quick place to get in out of the sun in the middle of day, which I found quite helpful today.



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