Being Neighborly

It’s been a busy week for both Nathan and me.  We haven’t had any time to get out to the property, though we have been organizing, planning, preparing, and researching the things we will need for the build.  Today we decided to take an afternoon drive out to the homestead to check things over and get a little inspiration and excitement going on.  When we arrived the first thing I noticed was a pile of brush to the right of the driveway that wasn’t there last week.  As we pulled further down the driveway, there was another pile of brush and debris on the left side.  As we got out to look around I noticed that the ground all around had been graded smooth.  Apparently our neighbor, Mr. Isadore, decided to take some time this week to play around with his tractor and box blade and we are the proud and grateful recipients of all of this work.

We met Isadore right after we purchased the property two years ago.  He is a very nice man and I knew right away he would be a good neighbor.  Today has helped to renew my hope in humanity and society.  Our new neighbor just performed this act of kindness for no other reason than to be neighborly.


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