Meet the Piggies

Truffle and Gumdrop

These two handsome guys live with us at our current home in Folsom and will be moving to The Hennick Homestead right along with us, though we aren’t sure exactly how we are going to move them yet.

Truffle, the one with a more solid black coloring was first.  Since I met Nathan he always hold me how much he loved pigs, so Truffle was his Valentine’s Day present one year.

First Meeting

About two years after Truffle came to live with us a friend at work told us about a potbelly pig that was at the Humane Society and needed a home.  We weren’t sure we could take care of two pigs, but we went to see anyway.  Of course, we couldn’t say no after meeting Gumdrop and he came to live with us too.

Both of these adorable piglets are considered potbelly or mini-pigs, though we don’t know the exact breed of either.  Each currently weight somewhere between 170 and 200 pounds, but are still considered mini-pigs.  Anyone who has ever been around a standard pig will know the difference in size.

Each one has their own distinct personality and they are each very loving and friendly; however, Truffle is certainly the alpha-male.  Regardless of personality differences they both agree that they love quick kisses and absolutely LOVE belly rubs.


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