Halloween on the Homestead



Halloween this year on The Hennick Homestead didn’t involve dressing up or candy, unless you count Nathan and me dressing in our “work clothes” as dressing up.  We both took the day off from work today to go out to the new homestead and get a little work done.


We got to the property, unloaded the truck and got started.  Nathan worked on getting some dead trees down while I wired the new well up to the generator so we could have some water.  We ended up getting several things done today and really enjoyed our time out on the land making some progress.  We cut a small tree down to give a larger oak tree more room to grow.


Yesterday I got everything ready for our PERC test.  This is a test performed by the Washington Parish Health Unit to determine whether you need a septic tank or water treatment unit.  The Health Unit showed up today while we were working.  Our PERC test didn’t pass so we have to have a water treatment unit.  Either way, we now have the needed permits from the Health Unit to get our building permits (YAY!)

When we got back home to our current house, it was time to take care of the pigs and chickens.


Since it is Halloween today, Truffle, Gumdrop, and the Chickens got to enjoy some delicious fresh pumpkin.  We cut up the pumpkin we got at Steele’s Pumpkin Patch this past weekend for them.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed their dinner tonight!




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