The Journey Begins


For those of you who know us, you know we have been talking about and working toward “going tiny” for about the past two years.  We currently live in Folsom Louisiana on just over 2 acres of land, but about two years ago we purchased 9 acres in Washington Parish Louisiana and decided it was time to “go tiny”.
A little background for those who may not know us.  Nathan and I have been married since 2010 (legally since 2015).  We moved to Folsom almost 5 years ago because we wanted to be out of the hustle and bustle of New Orleans, we wanted some land to grow some vegetables, and we wanted some animals.  We got all of that and more living in Folsom.  We love our home in Folsom.  We grow vegetables when we can, we are vegetarian so that is helpful.  We love the peace and quiet living in the country affords and we love our animals, we have chickens, cats, and a couple of potbellied pigs.
We started thinking about getting more land and building a tiny house in a very organic way.  We simply started noticing that we didn’t need as much house space as we had.  We noticed that we only lived in a select portion of our current home and that we would be fine with less space.  We started researching tiny living, watching as many tiny house shows as possible (they are entertaining at the very least).  We decided that our tiny journey would be one motivated by things we enjoy and values we hold.  Our goal is to build our tiny life to have less impact on the environment; therefore, we have a goal of trying to build our tiny life off-grid (or at least as off-grid as possible since I need Internet access to do my job).
I hope to be able to chronicle our tiny journey here and provide pictures of our progress.  We just broke ground today.  Applewhite Enterprises is the company we chose to start the land clearing, driveway, and house pad construction.  The picture above is simply the land.  The pictures below show Applewhite getting started.


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