Quick Progress


We took a drive to the new property today to check on progress.  Applewhite Enterprises worked non-stop yesterday to get as much done as possible before Hurricane Nate makes us pause for a few days.  As you can see, Nathan went prepared to get some work done!


We took a walk around to check out the progress and we were very pleasantly surprised.  The driveway is almost done, they still have to add the gravel on top, but it has been built to the length we wanted.  They will be able to get started on the house pad and barn area as soon as the storm passes.

While talking to one of our new neighbors, he was telling us how diligently Applewhite Enterprises worked yesterday.  He said he watched them for a time because he couldn’t believe how much dirt they were bringing in to build the “highway” we seemed to be putting in.  He said that he and the other neighbors joked that we must be building a mall back there to need such a “highway”.


According to Nathan since we found signs of life it was a good sign.  We also saw a frog or two and a butterfly, but couldn’t get them to pose for a picture.


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