Everything…Including the Kitchen Sink



Part of the fun of building a new home with the intent of living a green life is shopping for reclaimed or recycled items, items that are at salvage stores, or trying to reuse or repurpose as much as possible.  We have already started downsizing or paring down as it seems to be called in preparation for going tiny.  We gave our dining room table and chairs to a family member because it will be too large to fit into the designated space in our new home.  We have started paring down our clothing and a few other household items.  At the same time, we have been searching for items that will not only fit into the new smaller space, but also shopping for items that will be needed during construction.

Our first find was our new dining room table.  It is a late 1940’s early 1950’s drop leaf table.  With the two outer leaves dropped it seats 2.  With the outer leaves open it seats 4.  Additionally, it has 4 leaves that fit in the middle which expands the table to seat 8 if necessary.  We found it at The Copper Rooster in Covington.


Of course, we still have to find the perfect captain’s chairs for the table.  We should only need two main chairs because we will be using built-in bench seating in the tiny house.

Yesterday after our visit to see progress on the land, we took a ride to Dirt Cheap Building Supplies in Hammond.  This was my first time to visit this store and we were pleasantly surprised.  The first thing we found was the new kitchen sink we will use in the tiny house.  I was shocked to see this perfect kitchen sink in a salvage store already marked down, but also on sale 80% off.  We spent $27.00 on our new kitchen sink.


While at Dirt Cheap Building Supplies, we also noticed some possibilities for flooring.  We honestly have not decided yet exactly what we want.  I think we will probably decide closer to time for the flooring to be installed.  This will give us the opportunity to try to find some reclaimed wood flooring when the time comes.  Regardless, we did find a nice tile that is a possibility for the bathroom and a manufactured wood that could be nice for the rest of the house.  These are just possibilities for now, but looking through the store got us excited about searching for salvaged, reclaimed, reused, or recycled building materials.


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