Driveway and House Pad Finished


Even more quick progress.  The driveway and house pad are officially finished, along with some extra land clearing.  Nathan and I went out today to see the progress and meet with the contractor/builder who is going to help us get the Tiny House built.  We spent almost two hours walking around the area, planning and flagging the basic footprint of the house.  We are very excited to be working with Alex Dautrive to get our home built.  He is very creative and willing to build this like we want it.  We are trying to go a green as possible while still meeting the Parish requirements.  Alex is going to help us use as much recycled and reclaimed materials as possible.

It is now time to start getting Parish permits and planning for the well and septic tank to be placed.  After speaking with Alex today, we are probably going to build the carport first because the solar panels will be mounted on the carport roof which will give us electricity for the rest of the build and for the well pump.


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